Leslie Law Group

Real Estate

Who We Represent

We represent buyers, sellers, real estate investors, lenders, developers and banks. We use our ongoing working relationships with real estate agents and brokers as well as mortgage lenders to assure that our clients receive the highest level of service and personal attention. At Leslie Law Group, we have handled thousands of real estate transactions. We look forward to working with you to ensure you have a smooth and efficient transaction.

Our attorneys are agents of Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC, the largest title insurer in the State of Florida, as well as Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, which allows us to issue the title insurance in your transaction.

Why You Need an Attorney

Additionally, while Florida does not require you to use an attorney during your real estate transaction, there are invaluable benefits of having an attorney represent you in your real estate transaction. Unlike a non-attorney title company, we can provide legal advice for issues that arise during your closing. Without legal counsel, you may be left to navigate these challenges on your own. Further, we can make the necessary legal corrections to your closing documents, whereas a title company will have to hire an attorney. Lastly, the cost of hiring an attorney for your closing is similar the cost of a title company, and we will be working as not only your title agent, but also as your advocate to make sure the closing process goes smoothly.

We can handle all your real estate needs including the following:

• Buying and Selling Residential Property
• Short Sales
• Title Insurance
• Buying and Selling Commercial Property
• Buying and Selling Businesses
• Lease Preparation and Counsel
• Contract Negotiation
• Lien Removal
• Lending
• Loan documents